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Is Your Child Renting an Instrument?
If your child is taking lessons at school and you are renting an instrument you are probably paying too much! For the price of a rental, you can actually purchase and own the instrument! Not only does Rich teach, but he can also provide you with the instrument you need. Full size or smaller for the youngsters, you can purchase what you need often for about the cost of a rental. For example, if your child is renting a 3/4 length violin you probably will spend at least $135 per year on a rental. If your child uses the rental for two years you can expect to pay about $270 for a used violin. Why not purchase one out-right from Rich and save about 50% on a new violin! Contact Rich for more information on music instruments and sales.

Music Professionals
Need a new guitar, violin, viola, amp, accessories or supplies? Rich has access to hundreds of the most popular and hard to find items. Years in the music industry has provided RIch with a vast and diverse network of suppliers a very low costs. Don't waste time searching the internet or going from music shop to music shop. Contact Rich today for all your musician needs and supplies. rado replica uk

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